Hello, and welcome to my creative space where I’d love to share with you my inspirations from years of wisdom, experience, knowledge, education and training on all things that help us remember and align with our true self... that of joy, fun, love, freedom and laughter.

I hope you enjoy and find something that resonates with your own unique soul

Session with Sarah

I’m here to assist you with your journey of releasing any blocks, habits, programs, memories and patterns that you feel are keeping you stuck in a place that you know you’ve outgrown. We approach this together with ease, grace and laughter because you know, and I know, that it’s time to shine and reconnect with the full expression of who you are and who you came here to be

lots of love and light

What to expect

Our sessions together will draw upon meditation, mindfulness and mindset coaching and teachings, energy healing, and naturopathic medicine and philosophies

light sunshine gratitude fresh air laughter compassion stillness fresh delicious food peace community love harmony

... body mind soul spirit as one ...

I also invite you to explore and enjoy my beautiful range of smoothies that I’ve created with love to support your body mind soul

hemp heart smoothies


High Quality Protein     Organic     Vegan     Gluten Free    Dairy Free     Superfood

food for your body mind & soul

what are the smoothies for?

hemp heart smoothie mixes have been created by naturopath and energy worker Sarah Helena. Each mix has been carefully created with their own energetics and signature for you to choose between. They’re a selection of superfoods that are beautiful, energetic, healthy and nourishing blends for your whole family to enjoy anytime!

One of the philosophies of nurtureYou is to use food as medicine wherever possible.  Hence the smoothie mixes have also been created with a therapeutic energy to be supportive during times of disharmony; Mojo for mood and stress imbalances, and Spicy Delight for digestive discomfort 


why hemp hearts?

…because they truly are one of nature’s perfect superfoods; these little hemp seeds are high in plant protein and contain all 21 amino acids as well as the 9 needed from our diet, making them a complete protein source; they are full of the correct balance of the essential fatty acids omega 3 & 6 (a unique accomplishment in the plant world); they are an excellent source of the elusive GLA; they are high in magnesium;  they’re high in fibre; they are easy to digest and be absorbed by the body; and as well as being kind to you, they are also kind to the environment since they grow abundantly without the need for any chemicals and, as a result, they grow and flourish naturally

Articles by Sarah


Where can I buy hemp hearts?

Hemp hearts will soon be available right here but in the meantime you can purchase from most health food stores.

What are hulled hemp hearts?

Hulled hemp hearts are hemp hearts that have had the crunchy outer shell removed. They are also known as shelled hemp seeds or hemp nuts.

Are hemp hearts paleo?

Hemp hearts are considered paleo, as well as perfect for the keto diet, any vegetarian or vegan diets and, of course, for anyone and everyone else!


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