About Sarah

  IMG_2647 I've always felt from a very young age that I didn't belong and that I wasn't being my authentic self.  That there was more to me and to the life that I was living.  That I was somehow molded or programmed to be a certain way and that this had to do with pleasing the adults around me. Of course at this young age I had no idea why this was or what to do about it but I believe that this inner disharmony lead me to the path of healing and transformation that I've followed for the last twenty years. My knowing now is that all signs and symptoms of struggle, whether it's related to health, finances, relationships or whatever it may be, are as a result of this disharmony and they're a message that we've strayed from our essence, the essence of who we all really are, that of love, compassion, joy and freedom.  That we've lost our soul connection. I’ve been inspired and intrigued by so many different healing modalities and my journey of healing and transformation consciously started with my first degree in Health Studies. This was a conventional approach to health which I loved but also felt was missing the holistic perspective. So from here I started exploring many different energy healing therapies from reflexology to reiki to EFT to naturopathy and I started to feel more at home with these teachings and practices.  However, there was still something missing, and that missing link was finding answers to the question "who am I as an aspect of consciousness, of the universe, of unconditional love?".  This lead me further into the realm of quantum physics and the spiritual practice of ho'oponopono. I’ve since explored and embodied the understanding that we are, mostly, the product of our subconscious programming but that we have the ability to change and transmute those programmes that are no longer serving us to ones that are!  And my way along this path to the soul is through the heart. The following is my progression along my unique path which still excites me as new awarenesses and information make themselves known.  
Reflexology: the understanding of one area and point of the body being connected to other areas and points of the body Nutrition: using food as medicine as well as listening to your body's wisdom and requirements to allow yourself to find wellbeing and begin to thrive Emotional Freedom Technique: Tapping, which emphasises that many conditions are as a result of memories and experiences being trapped in the bodymind as an emotion with a charge attached to it. This negative charge can be neutralised and replaced with words and feelings of your own choice by tapping on the end points of the meridian lines Reiki: the universal healing energies The Secret and The Law of Attraction: the beginning of understanding how our thoughts and vibrational frequency affects how we are experiencing our world Naturopathy: I felt the need to increase my scientific knowledge, so I went back to College to study natural medicine and qualified as a Naturopath.  This allowed me to offer a more complete and holistic body/mind healing practice Visionary Intuitive Healing: training under Inna Segal in her innate intuitive healing modality From there I continued to the spiritual practice of Ho'oponopono and the understanding that however and whatever I'm experiencing in my outside world is 100% as a result of my own memories replaying from my subconscious mind. This practice now very much informs my way of being and living Reconnective Healing: the healing frequencies of light and information The One Command: teaches how to effect and change your outside world by understanding and using your own brainwaves and different states of consciousness MINDD: Mindd practitioner training focuses on metabolic, immunological, neurological, digestive development conditions that often affect the mind very often triggered by toxins, malnutrition and infections School of the Modern Mystic: Change Your Energy to Change Your Life using chakra healing, white light and mindfulness nurtureYou: a beautiful, organic, vibrant, therapeutic range of hemp heart smoothie mixes for you to love, enjoy and feel nurtured by! nurtureYou is not just a beautiful smoothie range, however.  It's also a philosophy and a way of life; that of connecting to your soul through your heart, that of putting yourself first, of looking after yourself mindfully and with love.  Because you deserve to OOO More nurtureYou services and products coming soon!!!
My most inspiring  teachers: I have also attended a number of other trainings and seminars with amazing teachers such as William Linville, Rikka Zimmerman, Gerald O'Donnell, Jennifer Hough, Eckhart Tolle, Belinda Davidson and many more. This intensive engagement in their philosophies, teachings and healings has enabled me to discover my own understandings and therapeutic concepts and paradigms. Objective and Philosophy: All of the above in-depth studies have been a natural progression from one another and have lead me to where I am today with the understanding that I am 100% responsible for how I perceive and experience my life and that transformation and wellbeing is a multi-factorial process and is part of our journey and experience of being a human being and a soul on this planet. My personal objective and philosophy is to be in a constant state of remembering that I am already whole and complete and that any experiences I have that take me away from that knowing and being (and there are many of these!) are treated with kindness and compassion, towards myself and others, and that they are simply a marker that I am, in that moment, disconnected from my source of wellbeing; from my source of love, joy, harmony and freedom.

Sarah Helena BSc Health Studies Adv Dipl Naturopathy Mindd Practitioner Certificate William Linville's Mastery Programmes  The One Command Seminar and Circles Leader Ho'oponopono Certificate EFT Certificates Reconnective Healing Certificate Quantum Touch Certificate Reiki I and II Visionary Intuitive Healing Certificate Reflexology Diploma