Making a practise out of heart-centred living and being…

Heart-centred living and being is, for me, the best place to live my life from. Your heart-centre, and the heart centre of every cell in your body, the place where the high vibrations of love, joy, gratitude, fun, compassion, peace, harmony and allowance can be felt, is a direct link to your soul and your higher self.

When you sit in this space and allow the silence and the intake and outflow of breath to just be, magic happens within your whole bodymind; you switch off the stress response, that fight or flight mode that we've been programmed with, for what seems like, forever. And you allow the calming, loving, supportive chemicals of oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine and GABA to flood your system.

Now, I know what I'd rather have coursing around my body.

And... in this place of just being, in the silence between the breath, you hear the whispers of your soul communicating with you. This is your truth, wisdom from way beyond. Making this a conscious daily practice, that of sitting in nature, connecting with the elements and with my breath, has now become a way of life that I have no choice but to follow.

There is no longer any "can I be bothered today", or "I'm too busy", or "I'm not in the mood". It just happens; there's no strict time of day or order, but it always happens at some point during the day, and better yet, when I start the day this way.

And remember also that connecting to nature is you connecting with you...