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What if there is a new way of managing stress?

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By consciously observing your feelings and completely and deeply accepting them as what is…in that moment. Only then when your body-mind feels safe and heard can you begin the process of shifting from one feeling state to another of a higher vibration. This will then allow you to experience the shift that you’re searching for. Or… even more magically, to experience something completely new that you’d not even dreamed of before!

When we have surrendered to what is and allow the shifts that follow we can then start making truly healthy choices for our own unique being.

Nothing is wrong when we’re coming from this place of conscious decision making based on our alignment with our higher truth and integrity.

This is true healing and can happen in an instant.

My own experience of firstly moving into this place of acceptance as opposed to trying to heal this aspect of myself that feels broken and wrong has allowed that pain and suffering to dissipate, very often, right before my eyes so that I can then clearly see and feel into the next step for me… into what it is that I truly want to be and experience next.

It’s the most liberating place to be.

Remember. You are not broken. You have possibly just forgotten that you are already whole healthy and complete.

3 steps to peace & relaxation:

  1. Be the observer of your feelings, thoughts and emotions
  2. Connect to your whole body and breathe
  3. Accept how you feel in that moment… feel into “I am willing to accept these feelings, thoughts and emotions. Repeat until the energy shifts and allow for whatever comes up to be felt and released.
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