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plant protein organic gluten & dairy free superfoods

The perfect combination of powerful ingredients to ground and sustain you as you go about your day. Especially created to also be part of your keto lifestyle – just add extra coconut or MCT oil and even extra peanut butter or avocado, or whatever foods you love and enjoy

product weight: 280g
recommmendation is 3 scoops per serve: 10 serves per packet but adjust to personal preference


Product Description

SustainYou contains our beautiful hemp hearts, together with chia seeds for additional amazing essential fatty acids and good quality protein; cacao for a good dose of iron and magnesium for helping energy levels, as well as being a powerful antioxidant hit; cinnamon for helping to balance blood sugar levels; pomegranate powder for its amazing antioxidant value;  beetroot powder for its high nitrate content: nitrates convert into Nitric Oxide in the body, which helps with enhancing blood flow by relaxing blood vessels and increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients circulated around the body, thus improving stamina and energy!

Additional Information

Weight280 kg

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