plant protein organic gluten & dairy free superfood

Mojo helps bring back your lost sparkle by rebalancing your mood and stress responses. Its calming and adaptogenic properties will help get you back on your feet again

product weight: 260g
recommmendation is 3 scoops per serve: 10 serves per packet but adjust to personal preference


Product Description

Mojo provides a combination of ingredients to nurture and support your mood and responses to stress.  It's created using hemp hearts (of course!); Maca, a peruvian superfood well known for its adaptogenic properties; Baobab, known as Africa's Tree of Life, it provides a potent dose of vitamin C which is much needed to support our adrenal glands during times of stress (as well as supporting our immune system, which often takes a hit at these times). It is also a high quality prebiotic fibre, further helping to support a healthy digestive system, which is vital for balanced hormones and mood; ground pumpkin seeds providing good levels of much needed zinc for healthy hormone and neurotransmitter production; lecithin which contains phospholipids for healthy cellular membrane structure and which helps make a neurotransmitter required for healthy brain function and mood balance; matcha green tea for its array of amazing benefits, from being a potent anti-inflammatory to containing L-theanine which helps calm and relax your mind to being an antioxidant powerhouse; cinnamon for blood sugar balance and a great taste!

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Weight260 kg

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