plant protein organic gluten & dairy free superfood

Spicy Delight has been created to soothe, heal and balance your digestive and immune systems.  With its warm, spicy, nurturing flavours you can feel the goodness with every sip OOO

product weight: 200g
recommmendation is 3 scoops per serve: 10 serves per packet but adjust to personal preference


Product Description

Your digestion, and taste buds, will love you for this blend.  Containing hemp hearts (of course!), together with slippery elm, which helps heal and seal the digestive tract, as well as providing soluble, insoluble and prebiotic fibre to keep your bowels moving along nicely and as fuel for your good gut bacteria; cacao, potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant; turmeric, the powerful anti-inflammatory spice; ginger, also a potent anti-inflammatory as well as providing relief for indigestion; cayenne pepper, which helps stimulate the salivary glands, gastric juices and digestive enzymes; reishi mushroom for anti-inflammatory and immune system support (approximately 80% of our immune system is found in our gut!), as well as digestive system and liver support.

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Weight200 kg

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